Puzzle: Forty-Seven and Four Sevens

The 4 small squares have a side length of 7; the large square has a side length of 47.


What is the area of the grey region?

One response to “Puzzle: Forty-Seven and Four Sevens

  1. Barbara Scherlis

    It seems too easy to be 2013, which is what I got— What is the gimmick?

    Adam dear, It is so good to hear from you, even via email. I do wish you a happy new year – one filled with good luck, interesting times and enjoyment! I’m so happy that you are Brown. Judging from my brief visit in Sept., it seems to be a perfect place for you — also it’s a lovely campus. I know that I shall see you this summer and maybe even before. You are now so close to the Vineyard – lucky you.

    Much love, Grandma

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