Glasses Are Nerdy… Why, Exactly?

This is more of a random thought than a full post, but it’s over 140 characters so I’m posting it here.

Question: Why are eyeglasses strongly associated, culturally, with geeks and intellectuals?
Is there a correlation between myopia and IQ? Why would that be the case, and why haven’t I heard about it?
Does reading cause damage to eyesight? Why would that be the case, and why haven’t I heard about it?
Are nerds just less likely to pick contacts over glasses? Why would that be the case, and… okay, you can see where this is going.

After some reflection, I’ve decided that last theory makes the most sense. Here’s why:
–Glasses look nerdy.
–Non-nerds are more likely to want to avoid looking nerdy.
–Switching to contact lenses takes effort, and involves certain tradeoffs (which is why I’m still bespectacled — I’ve never had much luck convincing my brain that it’s okay to poke things into my eyes. Also, I like the look. Why? Because…)
–Nerds are, conversely, more likely to not mind looking nerdy, and also far less likely to think about their appearance at all.
–Nerds are more likely to wear glasses rather than contacts.
–Glasses look nerdy.

Yeah, we may have a circular-reference issue here. That’s an issue for another day.


One response to “Glasses Are Nerdy… Why, Exactly?

  1. But many women and men who wear glasses are decidedly not nerdy and don’t look it.
    Wearing contact lenses is wonderful for those who feel the heat and fog up the spectacles.

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