Madness? This is CS50!

I’m taking CS50, the famous Harvard comp-sci course, via the Extension school (they call it CSCI E-52. Whatever.)

It’s amazing. The problem sets are entertaining as well as informative, the lectures are informative as well as entertaining, and it’s taught by David Malan, the coolest geek at Harvard [1], and is the best way to meet geek girls.

I can’t confirm the geek-girl part. That’s just what Prof. Malan has repeatedly implied.

Also: unsurprisingly but wonderfully, the CS50 website is beautifully designed.

Anyway, here’s my Problem Set 0, a Doctor-Who-themed puzzle game. Enjoy!


3 responses to “Madness? This is CS50!

  1. Got it in four moves. 😀

  2. Hey Adam, did you by any chance tackle problem set 1b?

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