Not Even Wrong: The Prophet’s Manual

A friend once visited the great physicist Wolfgang Pauli. He wanted Pauli’s opinion on a rather dubious physics paper he’d read. Pauli commented, “It is not even wrong.” [wiki]

That phrase, “not even wrong,” is perfectly suited to the Prophet’s Manual, a website I was unfortunate enough to come across while looking for information on the equinoxes.

Take this page, for example: “Solar/galactic alignment during solstice/equinox as a cause of polar flip over and reversal of rotation.” Just in the title, we have two facepalm-inducing pseudoscientific tropes. We also have the wonderful phrase “as a cause of polar flip over.”

It gets better. The site’s subtitle is “Fractal Supersymmetry of Double Helix” — I don’t even know where to begin. That’s not what “fractal” means… and “supersymmetry” isn’t just a fancy word for symmetry… and I doubt these people actually know what a double helix is.

Moving on. This page is under the section “2012 End of time,” which is pretty generic for an Internut.

First sentence: “It’s undisputed that gravity is lowest common denominator of everything that exists.” Wha–?

“All forms on surface of earth are liable to that basic law.” Uh… yeah. Stuff falls. I’ll grant them that.

“It’s correct to say that all physical forms are its particular derivates.” Did you just say “derivates”?

“Gravity is line of symmetry or point of resonance between space and time.” I think the author may have read Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content? while under the influence of tequila. Kids, don’t drink and derive.

Skipping ahead… “Earth is not particle (mass) but wave (orbital) in solar context and equally vice versa – sun is energy (fusion) comparative to earth’s mass (kinetic vs. potential energy or double/inverse energy within/without mass in between).”
I swear to god I chose that at random. Here is where I started to wonder where this guy was getting his terminology from; what with all the supersymmetry and potential energy and resonance, he must have read a physics textbook and understood not a word of it. But “within/without” is pure Beatles.

Another random sentence: “Sun and outer stars are seen in all the time difference, because time within solar reality is space without. It’s not the reality – only its relative perspective (or is it reality?)” This man is possibly the least qualified person on Earth to talk about “reality”.

“Only perfect agreement or love creates reality.” Ah, love; the perfect supplement to any consensus reality.

The most interesting (and paradoxical) aspect of all this is that someone actually believes it, word-for-word, despite the fact that it is absolute word salad.

Next time a friend asks you if you’re worried about 2012, nod sagely and reply, “Fractal supersymmetry of double helix.” It’s the new Time Cube.


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